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'Texas Rangers' movie (newspaper clips)

February 08, 2019 02:32PM
For fans of D. & R. G. #168:


Paramount Pictures and D.R.G. Plan Old Timers' Reunion as 1881 Train Leaves Old Depot in Santa Fe

(By B.B.D.)

Another reunion of old timers is planned in Santa Fe, probably early next week.

The cities of Las Vegas, Albuquerque and Espanola, and the humble suburb of Lamy are to be invited to participate. Big hats, long coats and dropping mustaches and flowing beards for the men; loose sleeves and bulging busties for the fair sex.

So it was announced today. The occasion will be the departure of the 1881 D. & R. G. train for the Paramount pictures film or reel to be taken near Buckman in "Texas Rangers."

Harvey Dwight of Paramount, and Agent Wallace of the D. & R. G. have "cooked up the scheme" and Wallace said today that he thinks it will be a xxxxx, "A xxxx" as the movie people say.

The train of 1881 is almost ready to start from Alamosa to Santa Fe. The wheels of the venerable coaches have been oiled, the seats dusted, and the old diamond shaped smoke stack of the engine has been polished. A new boiler has been installed to get up steam - the old one was a bit shakey.

"We have to hold another xxxxxxx or two with Harvey Dwight before the full plans are announced." said Wallace today, "but the program calls for a gathering of xxxxxx of people around the ancient depot. The train is to start from the xxxxxx over at the "Y", a depot at least 50 years old. It was the depot of the days of the 'Texas Rangers' and is located nine blocks north of the present depot.

"The plan is to have people turn out in Spanish xxxxxx and old time western costumes and gather around the depot. Paramount will probably shoot a film right there as the train starts. Those in the best costumes will get xxxx the camera. Whether a movie is xxxx or not, there will be xxxxx cameras xxxxx xxxxx xxxx a jolly party!

(some words illegible)

Santa Fe New Mexican, May 21, 1936, page 3


Mr. Wallace to Give Morse Code Signal on 1880 Railroad Whistle

A signal on a train whistle, popular in the latter part of the past century and particularly in Civil war days when army men conversed across fields or rivers by this means, will be heard again in Santa Fe translatable via the Morse code when the 1880 train of the D. & R. G. steams into the old depot.

H. W. Wallace of the D. & R. G. station, will spell a word in Morse code on the train whistle which can be deciphered by counting long and short toots, or watching long and short exhausts of steam. The first young person who calls into the telephone office and gives the correct word will receive passes for the showing of "The Texas Rangers" when the motion picture now being filmed here is shown at the Lensic. The age limit in this contest is 18 years, but anyone 18 or under may participate.

Mr. Wallace, who is a descendant of Fred Wallace, famous Texas scout, of the organization that preceded the rangers, tells of the old days when the Morse code used in railroad whistles were an accepted means of railroad communication. The value of everyone knowing the Morse code in the present any, he believes important illustrating his belief with the story of a party in a wrecked car who summoned aid by flashing their headlights on and off according to Morse Code. Morse code can he used by even so simple a means as waving a handkerchief to the more complicated use on a railroad train whistle.

The 1880 D. and R. G. train is expected to arrive in Santa Fe the middle of this week, its exact time to be announced later. The citizens of Santa Fe are invited to dress up in clothes of that period and be on hand at the old depot to be in the movie that will be shot at that time.

A battery of 100 cameras will be shooting the scene and the movie microphones will record the train whistle signal as Mr. Wallace makes it.

The Morse code is in the dictionary so anyone who records the longs and shorts of the signal will be able to thereafter figure out the word. said Mr. Wallace today.

Santa Fe New Mexican, May 25, 1936


D.& R.G.W. Is Getting Ready To Send Ancient Train To Santa Fe for Paramount's 'Texas Ranger' Film

The D.& R.G.W. train, vintage of 1881, is getting up steam and will blow into Santa Fe tomorrow or Thursday, says Agent Wallace.

Paramount Pictures' representative looked this morning at the present train and compared notes with the older engine which is now in Alamosa.

Arrangements were made today to take pictures of the train that is to arrive here, and of the people who turn out in 1880 consumes.

"I think a lot of Santa Feans will come out in old-fashioned costumes to welcome this old train.' said Mr. Wallace this morning. "It will be parked near the old depot, which is 50 years of age and which is located nine blocks north of the present depot."

According to Wallace, the first D. & R. G. ran near Denver in 1881 and saw Santa Fe about 1884.

The diamond shaped smokestack on the old engine is one feature for pictures, and the train will be run to Santa Fe under ICC orders. The engine's boiler has been remodeled or relined and will hold steam.

Mr. Edwards, publicity agent for Paramount, called on Wallace this morning and discussed the plan to take pictures of the venerable engine, the two coaches and the express ear. Mr. Edwards boarded the train that left here about 10 a.m. and expressed keen interest over this, the 1890, not 1881, production. The lights in the passenger coach are operated by kerosene and a coal stove dispensed heat - as May 26 offered a chill. Mr. Edwards scanned the red plush seats and the woodwork on the train and then signed in expectation of what is soon to arrive from Alamosa.

While the old D. & R. G. train is to figure prominently in the picture "The Texas Rangers," Paramount considers the success of the film will depend largely on the "shoot 'em up" stuff with Indians. The film will have its premiere in August in Dallas - at the fair.

Santa Fe New Mexican, May 26, 1936

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