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Re: The "Racers" in Winter (NNG)

January 04, 2019 05:22PM
Hard to know who won that day. The 023 had the inside of the curve in the going away shot. The split of the two lines is about 1/4 mile about at the end of the straightaway you see going away. This view was the only time I shot this close to the station. In all the shots we did during the summer we were at the split, and you could tell who was winning each time. In one film one was so far behind that you got to see the one go by completely and as the last car cleared here comes the other one(Wurzburg won that day).

We stayed at a guest house about 1-2 blocks away near the split. Each morning the town bells would toll 7 times for 7 am, and shortly you heard the exhausts starting at the station in the distance. In this winter scene the first thing we saw during the summer was rounding the curve into the straight stretch which you see in this view going away. One day in the summer it was dense fog and they did not race.

One thing to be aware of is the center track with no train on it had a 7:05 arrival from Wurzburg. That line was double-track, thus at the split those two tracks split from the single track line to Wertheim.

Here is another shot, taken in 1974 on the fabled Rheine-Nordeich Mole line. This class 012 number 066 is really moving around 70-75 mph heading south toward Rheine, probably south of Lathen. This was the last stronghold of West German Pacifics, which ended on this line in May 1975.
Greg Scholl
012-066 speed 1974 LR.jpg
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The "Racers" in Winter (NNG) Attachments

Greg Scholl January 04, 2019 01:05PM

Re: The "Racers" in Winter (NNG)

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Re: The "Racers" in NZ (NG)

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Re: The "Racers" in Winter (NNG) Attachments

Greg Scholl January 04, 2019 05:22PM

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