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Two foot gauge in New York State

January 01, 2019 10:05PM
Recently I discovered this gem of a movie, showing a short-lived Old West theme park in New York State. If you pay close attention, there is a locomotive, the "Davy Crockett" hauling a train of several cars and a Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes caboose! This place is apparently "Adventure Town" in Alexandria Bay NY, at the Edgewood Resort. I wondered what the history of this engine was, and where did it come from? Are the trucks on the Davy Crockett tender SR&RL freight car trucks?

Adventure Town Video
The caboose is apparently SR&RL #558, the remains of which were privately owned and built into a house in New Jersey. See photos and reference here:
RYPN reference 1
RYPN reference 2

Secondly, I recall reading that someone in New York State had acquired a few SR&RL logging car chassis, and these were used in building new rail cars. Were these on the coaches used with the caboose? I am not sure where I read this, but perhaps it was The Edaville Story descriptive booklet from the 1970s, by Viekman? Or perhaps this just faulty memory.

Thirdly, I took a look at the locomotive hauling the train, and found some photos on the web of it. See below:

Then I happened upon this photo, and apparently the Davy Crockett left one Old West operation for another, and was operating on the railroad at the "Marvel Cave Park" on the "Frisco Silver Dollar Line" in Branson, MO. I think it is pretty safe to say that this same line later became the route at Silver Dollar City, also in Branson, MO.
I have never been to Silver Dollar City myself. The locomotive is still there, apparently slated for static display. If you read the notes, you see that it was owned by the Henry Ford Museum, and was operated at Adventure Town from 1955 to 1961.
SteamLocomotive.info - Davenport c/n 1900, built 1922.
I wonder, did the cars that were at Adventure Town go with the locomotive? What happened to the 558's trucks and couplers? If there ever was Sandy River rail car hardware in Missouri, is it still in use, or is it now sitting out back in a parts pile?

Perhaps some of the fine folks on this group have an idea or two.
Happy New Year, and Thanks!

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