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Re: What's next?

December 08, 2018 06:22PM avatar
John K Wrote:
> I'm a little disappointed the last freight got to
> Durango, and there aren't any more "Ernie
> via Russ" posts to come. Or are there?
> I'm hoping we don't have to wait til August or
> September 2020 to see shots of the first C&TS
> movements.  Are those already posted here?
> Or can we get some soon?
> The past few months of viewing have been great-
> thanks to all of you- I don't want it to end!

Thank You, John -

SFAIK, Ernie doesn't post here – but he has been lurking lately – so I'm pretty sure he'll see your compliment.

See [ngdiscussion.net] et seq for a few shots, or try doing an NGDF search for "Ernest Robart", "All Dates".  I have done my best to add a copyright notice below every photo of Ernie's that I've ever posted, so that search should turn up quite a number of older photos.  Not that it makes a big difference when reduced to 1000x667 pixel (or 900x600) jpeg files for the NGDF, but anything posted more than four years ago was done on my earlier scanner, MUCH less sharp than the NIKON 9000 I've been using lately.   Ernie's been threatening to send his 1965, '66 and '67 negatives to me after Christmas, but that's a present I'm not sure I have the strength to accept . . .

- El Abuelo Histœrico, Greengo y Curmudgeoño de los Locomoturas Viejos y Verdes,
aka Der Grossväterlich DünkelOlivGrünDampfKesselMantelLiebHabender
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