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Byron Railroad Engine 2967 Martensdale, Iowa

March 11, 2018 02:11PM
As a new member this weekend I wanted to pass along to all of the members about a very dear memory I have had for more than 50 years. As a young boy living in Chicago I was always fascinated by trains. However, having family along the corn belt in Iowa our family would spend many weeks in Iowa each summer mainly to see family. My dear second cousin must have known how boring a small farm community could be for 2 young kids so she always went out of her way to find things my sister and I would find fun. One day we were told we were going to go to a park that would be very special. Martensdale, as best I can figure, was about 30-40 minutes from the town we were at named Winterset, IA. When we arrived I could not believe my eyes. There it was a steam locomotive that people could ride on. And for an extra 25 cents you could ride with the Engineer in the cab. He would let you borrow a pair of heavy gloves and let you operate the whistle, throttle (with close supervision) and throw coal into the firebox. I was a kid in heaven that day! I have always wondered whatever happened to the 2 brothers that ran the park and what became of the equipment they had at that wonderful railroad park. My 2nd cousin's husband said they were steamfitter's and plumber's but I might have misunderstood him as I was all of about 8 or 9, best I can remember.

My curiosity was answered in part when I found this terrific Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum. I saw a few photos of the park on here and equipment but thought someone might have other pictures of the grounds. In any case, I was rooting through old boxes and came across 2 pictures of The Byron R.R. engine 2967 that my dear cousin took of me one of which has me at the controls. Funny, the cab had written in white: Cab Ride 50 ยข. I hope those of you that recall the Byron R.R. and may have had the opportunity of riding on those sweet, 2-foot rails might appreciate the 2 photos I've attached. I'm 64 now but I can vividly recall the day I was surprised to find this railroad park and know I must have had a big grin on my face for weeks afterwards. Anyway, I hope this is somewhat of an added bonus for you folks.

Thanks so much for letting me share this with you.

Paul Melull
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Mr.Moose March 11, 2018 02:11PM

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Michael Moore March 11, 2018 10:27PM

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