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Re: Class 45.5 and boilers

August 10, 2017 08:53AM
James Wrote:

> Your numbers are interesting as they appear to
> reference re-boilered class 45.5 engines rather
> than their as-built configuration.

Actually, I've suspected that since I first saw, at a website I've long since lost the addy for, sheets from Folio #4. The referenced sheet, btw, is only for engines #160-164, the only ones remaining on the D&RG after 1887. Does not note if it applies to RGS 22 & 23 (nee D&RG 158, 159) or give any rebuilding info, just an in service date in 1882.
The data for Class 47, on the next page in CRA #24, shows the only substantive difference as a longer firebox and 2 fewer flues. Total heating surface is only 3-4 sq ft larger for class 47 than for class 45.5
Note: In all versions of Folio #4 that I have seen, there is a page for class 42 which lists only engine #100 (the last survivor, retired in 1908) placing the issue date between 1903 and 1908 as #'s 94 & 96 were retired as of 6/03.
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Class 45.5 and boilers

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