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Green Boiler Jackets (Again)

April 05, 2000 08:55AM
While searching my Jackson and Kindig Slides on an unrelated matter last Sunday Morning, I did a little survey to see which locomotives were actually photographed with the infamous Green Jacketing. I was able to ascertain a green jacket on the 340, 346 and 453. There were probably more, but I saw none on the bigger "K's" (28 and up). Oh yes, the sheet metal jacketing on the Air Pumps was also green.
This not to say that the larger K's weren't painted that way at one time, just that I didn't see them painted that way in the slides that I have.
No conclusions, just thought you'd like to know.
Rick Steele
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Green Boiler Jackets (Again)

Rick Steele April 05, 2000 08:55AM

#453 in green

Dave Peterson April 05, 2000 02:42PM

Re: #453 in green

Rick Steele April 05, 2000 04:31PM

Re: #453 in green

Josh Levine April 05, 2000 06:44PM

Re: #453 in green

John West April 06, 2000 07:54PM


Mike Trent April 07, 2000 05:10AM

Re: 499

Josh McNeal April 07, 2000 11:49AM

473? What??!!!

Mike Trent April 07, 2000 08:31PM

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