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This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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Disney World #2 Lilly Belle

by Chatzi473
2 12/28/2007 01:30PM
Last Post by Bruce R. Pier

#315 winter resting spot

by mfmalk
4 12/28/2007 09:18AM
Last Post by Fred Folk

Leadville Map

by ROW Explorer
2 12/27/2007 07:40PM
Last Post by Fred T

Just some morning reading

by Darren
5 12/27/2007 07:04PM
Last Post by Earl

E6s Atlantic at bottom of page (Sunday)

by dougvv
16 12/27/2007 04:54PM
Last Post by Skip

Not Railroad - question for english friends

by dougvv
18 12/27/2007 08:14AM
Last Post by J.B.Bane

New Toys for the Sumpter Valley?

by railsnw
4 12/26/2007 07:00PM
Last Post by locoboilerguy

Merry Christmas

by geode
7 12/26/2007 07:45AM
Last Post by geode

K-28 Reverser question

by Todd Hohlenkamp
14 12/25/2007 08:33PM
Last Post by k28drgw

Ophir pic at bottom of page

by Ed Stabler
3 12/25/2007 08:03PM
Last Post by Russo Loco

What happened to website covering C&S Passenger Equipment?

by Grant Houston
5 12/25/2007 01:57PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Article on LinnMoedinger

by gbrewer
2 12/25/2007 11:27AM
Last Post by Tim Schreiner

If I had to choose... Attachments

by BillD
20 12/25/2007 04:53AM
Last Post by Gavin Hamilton

D&RGW Water cars "speaking of tenders"

by TonyK375
2 12/24/2007 10:14PM
Last Post by ROW Explorer


by mesaman3000
1 12/24/2007 10:10PM
Last Post by mesaman3000

Merry Christmas, Gang!

by Herb Kelsey
4 12/24/2007 09:52PM
Last Post by george pearce

NNG Pawnee OK whistle blow

by Matt Ritchie
1 12/24/2007 06:32PM
Last Post by Matt Ritchie

Uintah - What the H- - - ???

by Rodger Polley
5 12/24/2007 06:10PM
Last Post by Rodger Polley

A Conejos River Valley Christmas Attachments

by Rich Muth
2 12/24/2007 12:00PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

High Side Gondola 40" high sides #9378

by jeffsmith
10 12/24/2007 07:52AM
Last Post by BillD

Merry Christmas to all Attachments

by Dick Bell
3 12/24/2007 07:50AM
Last Post by Dick Bell

2-4-2 in Chama, dated 1976 Attachments

by mfmalk
12 12/24/2007 01:40AM
Last Post by geode

MERRY CHRISTMAS to All from #483! Attachments

by Russo Loco
2 12/23/2007 12:01PM
Last Post by Ed Stabler

Remember when......

by John West
35 12/23/2007 12:00PM
Last Post by Russo Loco

Narrow Gauge Convention Standards

by johnpenn74
4 12/23/2007 11:57AM
Last Post by Dan Robirds

NNG Ft. Collins Municipal Ry souvenir sale

by Roger Mitchell
2 12/23/2007 11:13AM
Last Post by Fred Folk

what you like to see on the D&S and C&TS

by Chatzi473
23 12/22/2007 04:07PM
Last Post by Russo Loco

sorry about the pics on the cars

by casey wilmunder
1 12/22/2007 02:50PM
Last Post by casey wilmunder

well here is the pics of the equp westside boxcar and caboose and ouha box car and cable car

by casey wilmunder
1 12/22/2007 02:48PM
Last Post by casey wilmunder

Grant Narrow Gauge 2-8-0’s – Serial Nos. – 1447?

by Buffalo Bob
4 12/22/2007 01:03PM
Last Post by Anonymous User