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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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Events at the Colorado Railroad Museum during the NNGC

by stanames
5 02/11/2017 05:37PM
Last Post by dougvv

Como boiler question

by CVR220
2 02/11/2017 12:49PM
Last Post by Como

Little Old & Slow NG RR in PA Attachments

by T A Hunter
10 02/11/2017 11:17AM
Last Post by Wayne Laepple

non-revenue equipment Attachments

by dougvv
4 02/11/2017 05:33AM
Last Post by tomc

Osier Attachments

by dougvv
3 02/10/2017 11:02PM
Last Post by WilliamDiehl

C&TS 2017 Fireman School

by Volvoguy87
4 02/10/2017 02:24PM
Last Post by Volvoguy87

Heater position(s)

by MikeL
3 02/10/2017 10:50AM
Last Post by MikeL

And more from 2016 Attachments

by terry fosback
6 02/09/2017 10:14PM
Last Post by Jeff Taylor

Discovery Channel Episode about White Pass (2016)

by John C
13 02/09/2017 08:41PM
Last Post by Earl

"The Silverton" in 1954

by Fritz Klinke
12 02/09/2017 01:53PM
Last Post by Edward Miller

Cumbres Section House detail Attachments

by Brent
1 02/09/2017 12:23PM
Last Post by Brent

Two-Fer Two-Four-Two for You

by Chris Walker
9 02/08/2017 09:46PM
Last Post by Jack Neville

Peak traffic volume between Chama and Durango

by vince heying
20 02/08/2017 08:35PM
Last Post by Earl

OT: HOn3 Modelers in the Pacific Northwest

by alcofan
3 02/08/2017 04:50PM
Last Post by Nelson Bros Lumber Co.

And still more from 2016 Attachments

by terry fosback
1 02/08/2017 12:26PM
Last Post by terry fosback

Along the RoW 2016 Attachments

by terry fosback
3 02/08/2017 12:23PM

More from 2016 Attachments

by terry fosback
1 02/08/2017 12:06PM
Last Post by terry fosback

Help I.D. Artifacts Attachments

by terry fosback
7 02/08/2017 11:58AM
Last Post by J.B.Bane

This week in Golden Attachments

by Jeff Taylor
8 02/07/2017 03:27PM
Last Post by Jeff Taylor

This Is What It Looked Like When The San Juan Stopped At Cumbres! Attachments

22 02/07/2017 01:04PM
Last Post by Don Richter

White Pass and Yukon Route

by dougvv
18 02/07/2017 11:03AM
Last Post by bcp

Chama Water Tank Tub

by Jeff Ramsey
19 02/07/2017 09:35AM
Last Post by Earl

Narrow Gauge Gazette

by rehunn
7 02/07/2017 09:09AM
Last Post by Russo Loco

Google Earth Overlays Attachments

by Colorado76
2 02/07/2017 08:35AM
Last Post by gregcoit

Work in CRRM Shop

by Ted miles
7 02/06/2017 06:42PM
Last Post by Ted miles

Post Office state abbreviations Attachments

by risrwy
1 02/06/2017 07:01AM
Last Post by risrwy

Narrow Gauge 2-8-8-2

by Steam Fan 492
74 02/06/2017 07:00AM
Last Post by Tomstp

Interesting Ebay Picture

by Bernie Perch
4 02/06/2017 02:26AM
Last Post by Bernie Perch

Author John Norwood.

by Pilgrim
5 02/05/2017 09:13PM
Last Post by John West

168 status

by hsuthe
16 02/05/2017 05:46PM
Last Post by F&W#14