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This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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by Keith G
3 07/02/2000 07:04PM
Last Post by Keith G

Pic of last D&RGW train to Silverton

by Michael Lumert
2 07/02/2000 09:59AM
Last Post by Craig Miller

The coal tipple engine runs again

by Mike Oestreich
1 07/01/2000 06:41PM
Last Post by Mike Oestreich

C&TS #19 Update

by Jim Burrill
4 07/01/2000 06:20PM
Last Post by Mike Oestreich

Engines under steam

by John Derosa
28 07/01/2000 04:19PM
Last Post by Fred

Friends of 169 Moonlight specials

by Jay Wimer
2 07/01/2000 02:40PM
Last Post by Jay Wimer


by Chris Whitmore
3 07/01/2000 07:03AM
Last Post by Jessica Stacey


by Les Jarrett
9 06/30/2000 03:01PM
Last Post by Les Clark

C&TS: Rain yet ?

by Bill Kepner
3 06/29/2000 08:32PM
Last Post by Jay Wimer

track at Eureka and Bodie

by Bob Yarger
3 06/29/2000 08:30PM
Last Post by Greg Maxwell

TVRR rolls again

by Bill Stringer
2 06/29/2000 03:39PM
Last Post by Les Clark

White Pass #40

by Mike Trent
6 06/29/2000 02:24PM
Last Post by S. Peck


by Chris Whitmore
3 06/29/2000 09:06AM
Last Post by G. W. Laepple

WP&Y No. 195

by Art Chase
2 06/29/2000 06:01AM
Last Post by Bob Yarger

Georgetown Loop activities.

by Jim Burrill
33 06/28/2000 06:41PM
Last Post by John Hammond

Looking for a web site

by John Craft
7 06/28/2000 10:42AM
Last Post by John Craft

Night Train at SVRy

by Dan Denham
1 06/28/2000 07:00AM
Last Post by Dan Denham


by Lee Carlson
34 06/28/2000 06:59AM
Last Post by Thor W. Windbergs BSME

Goose Number 5 to run at Dolores

by Jay Wimer
1 06/28/2000 06:05AM
Last Post by Jay Wimer

19 being "Chased"

by Les Jarrett
3 06/27/2000 10:47PM
Last Post by Les Jarrett

History of Georgetown Shays?

by Jim Burrill
6 06/27/2000 07:47PM
Last Post by Kevin Cook

168 today

by Bob Yarger
7 06/27/2000 06:16AM
Last Post by John Bush

Customs on the WP&Y

by Tom Fisher
6 06/27/2000 02:49AM
Last Post by Tim Bain

Question about Sumpter Valley RR.

by Jim Burrill
8 06/26/2000 09:08PM
Last Post by Marion Thompson

John West - Back Channel me

by Mark Stoeckel
2 06/26/2000 03:29PM
Last Post by John West

Bill Huffman gets a good sendoff

by El Coke
1 06/26/2000 02:54PM
Last Post by El Coke

WP&Y- Only 14 trains?

by Jim Burrill
6 06/26/2000 11:34AM
Last Post by John Bush

The Chama Coal Tower

by Jay Wimer
6 06/25/2000 07:04PM
Last Post by Jay Wimer

Bill Huffman dies at 51

by Charlie Moore
10 06/25/2000 03:45PM
Last Post by El Coke

#40 arrives

by John Bush
17 06/25/2000 12:08PM
Last Post by Bruce R. Pier