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Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum

This is a forum for the discussion of narrow gauge and steam railroading with a primary emphasis on railroads operating in the US. While discussions of modeling are welcome, please try to limit such discussions to issues relating to the prototype. This forum is not associated with any organization or group, and the authors of each post are solely responsible for the content of their post.

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Restoration in Colo. Springs

by Ed Lowrance
3 12/08/2001 10:31AM
Last Post by Jason Stephens

C&S #26 Combine

by Mary Miller
3 12/08/2001 07:59AM
Last Post by Mike Trent

MNGRR Santa Fest

by Dave Sherron
1 12/08/2001 06:43AM
Last Post by Dave Sherron

URY mallet colors

by Gary Nichols
1 12/08/2001 02:43AM
Last Post by Gary Nichols

CRRM turntable

by Ted Miles
1 12/07/2001 09:43PM
Last Post by Ted Miles

Huh? Could somebody tell me the rest of the story?

by Sam March
4 12/07/2001 11:41AM
Last Post by Jim McKee

Denver Public TV Shows

by Rich Muth
6 12/07/2001 10:17AM
Last Post by Frank Martindell

Steamer lands in Golden

by Dave S.
7 12/07/2001 05:53AM
Last Post by Dave S.

483 image

by Greg Scholl
5 12/07/2001 05:44AM
Last Post by DvV

OT, but something important

by Mik
1 12/06/2001 10:08PM
Last Post by Mik

Narrow gauge rail length

by Richard Huntrods
15 12/06/2001 06:53PM
Last Post by Jim Adams

CRRM Xmas trains

by Ted Miles
2 12/06/2001 06:13PM
Last Post by Scott Hightower

Digital cameras

by Jim Armstrong
17 12/05/2001 04:00PM
Last Post by Chris Whitmore

2002 calander centerfold

by DvV
4 12/05/2001 03:26PM
Last Post by Bob Yarger

K-27 Builder Numbers

by Brian Barr
7 12/05/2001 10:48AM
Last Post by Dennis O'Berry

Today's Crew Call - November 30, 1961, 62, 63, 65

by Chama Crew Caller
12 12/04/2001 05:46PM
Last Post by jaybawb

Iola, Colorado

by Bill Adkins
1 12/04/2001 03:17PM
Last Post by Bill Adkins

Ridgway Depot

by Richard Huntrods
2 12/04/2001 03:16PM
Last Post by Al P

Today's Crew Call - December 4, 1962, 63, 65

by Chama Crew Caller
1 12/04/2001 09:21AM
Last Post by Chama Crew Caller

Today's Crew Call - December 3, 1964,65

by Chama Crew Caller
1 12/04/2001 09:12AM
Last Post by Chama Crew Caller

NCNG news

by ncng9
2 12/04/2001 09:09AM
Last Post by Ted Miles

On a boiler tap, what does NS stand for?

by John Hewlett
4 12/03/2001 09:46PM
Last Post by William L. Petitjean, P.E.

A little help please!!!!!!!!

by Grant Houston
3 12/03/2001 03:43PM
Last Post by Grant Houston

SP Narrow Gauge

by Ted Miles
6 12/03/2001 11:21AM
Last Post by Randy B.

Settling to Denver....??

by Rodger Polley
3 12/03/2001 06:30AM
Last Post by John Craft

Searching Pa. NG info.- N&SV

by PRR
1 12/02/2001 09:28PM
Last Post by PRR

483 in lights! *PIC*

by jaybawb
3 12/02/2001 05:41PM
Last Post by jaybawb

Grid on 484 Boiler

by freddyb
13 12/02/2001 08:11AM
Last Post by jaybawb

Train Wreck on the EBT, Conductor Killed

by PRR
3 12/01/2001 08:56PM
Last Post by PRR

Boiler inspections

by Jim Spicer
7 12/01/2001 08:13PM
Last Post by PRR